A Sleeper Agent is an agent of the New World Order who is mind controlled in such a way that whatever the Elite (Freemasons, CIA, Illuminati etc.) tell them to do, they will do with a queue. The agent mindlessly like a zombie does what he is told. Sleeper Agents have been used to assassinate certain people that have been threats to the New World Order such as Aaron Russo.

message from annon jayjay


I have seen the end of the world, and it starts with trump becoming president,

virtual reality gaming headsets will scan brainwaves and reads your memory, if you are a freedom fighter, your mind WILL BE COOKED.

people will line up to kill themselves. THEY ARE GOING TO WIN


Throughout the Cold War, Sleeper Agents were used in Vietnam, Korea, and even Cuba. It is not known whether a Sleeper Agent assassinated President John F. Kennedy. A Sleeper Agent was intended to kill Castro in Operation 40 at the invasion of Cuba, however the invasion failed and the Sleeper Agent was either killed or deactivated and went with the retreating American soldiers. In the Vietnam War, Sleeper Agents were a secret weapon used on Vietnamese soldiers and about a million of the Vietnamese deaths were by Sleeper Agents. Sleeper Agents are more trained than the highest ranked U.S. soldier. Sleeper Agents are automatically trained to use any weapon and after they are deactivated, all those skills fade away. Your neighbor could be a Sleeper Agents. You could be Sleeper Agent.

Soviet UnionEdit

The USSR also had a high use of Sleeper Agents throughout World War 2 and the Cold War, A Soviet Sleeper Agent during the Battle of Berlin had assassinated Adolf Hitler in the Fuherbunker and Official History teaches he commited suicide in the Fuherbunker. Soviet Sleeper Agents also were used to spy on the United States by posing as citizens in various cities. This ended with the Soviet Collapse of 1991.